Building Construction Technology
Adult Program Number I460401
Secondary Program Number 8720300

Program Description: The Building Construction Technology program focuses on all aspects of the building construction industry, and demonstrates such elements of the industry including carpentry skills, masonry skills, prepare and apply finishes to surfaces, install roofing materials, troubleshoot, repair, and install plumbing and electrical systems, and maintain, repair, and install heating, ventilation, and air-cooling (HVAC) systems. The minimum grade level on the TABE test required by the State of Florida for program completers is 9.0 in reading, language, and math. This program is accredited by the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) and offers industry certification.
Job Opportunities:  This program prepares students for entry-level occupations in the construction industry. During the most recent follow-up survey (2015-16), 100% of the graduates were employed.

Program Costs:  The approximate cost for this program over two semesters is $3,500.00 or $1,600.00 for first semester.  Most adult students can be ready for entry-level skills in one or two semesters of instruction.  
On-time completion rate for program 67%
Placement rate for students completing program 100%
Median Loan debt incurred by students as provided by ED                    NA

Adult Courses and Clock Hours
Secondary students are enrolled in courses established by the Course Code Directory or by dual enrollment.  Contact the high school guidance counselor for information:

The postsecondary occupations and the associated courses included in this program are:

BCV0400:  Building Construction Helper – This course provides instruction with construction components, materials, hardware, and characteristics.  Students will demonstrate carpentry and masonry skills.
Adult – 450 clock hours

BCV0401 / BCV0402:  Building Construction Technician (2 courses) – 
In this course, students will install cabinets; prepare and apply finishes to surfaces; install roofing materials; troubleshoot, repair, and install plumbing and electrical systems; maintain, repair and install heating, ventilation, and air-cooling (HVAC) systems; and perform site preparation and maintenance.
Adult – 600 clock hours